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You'll have to thank my mom for that often-mispronounced Irish name. I'm actually an Arizona native who has a fondness for writing, reading, astrology, and digesting everything and anything on the Internet. I've lived in Houston, Seattle, Tucson, and even Cork, Ireland, before settling in my home state with my Welsh husband Adam, and baby daughter Brynn,  in north Phoenix. 

Deep down, I'm a family gal who simply likes to hang out with my husband , daughter, and cat Zooey. You can typically find us (not Zooey) at the Phoenix Zoo on weekends while dancing to "Beatbugs" on Netflix. We're also trying to get our daughter used to being on a swing (since she's apparently deathly afraid of it). Luckily, I work part time: Mornings as a mommy, and afternoons as a humanities-based electives teacher at a college preparatory in downtown Phoenix.

This little area of the web is dedicated to house the stories that I publish across the Internet. I've lived a pretty strange life and have judged myself for quite some time because of it. My hope is to share these stories across spots on the web that I personally relate to, and find my tribe with those who live a life of non-judgment and compassion.

Please feel free to contact me and say hello!

Cheers, Brighid

"Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving."

Madeleine L ' Engle