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Brighid is a hard-working, organized, and detailed-oriented person. She served as the manager for the community newspaper, writing articles, collecting information from other contributors, and overseeing the editing. She also coordinates and writes for other publications in the company, the website, and Facebook. Brighid’s writing style is professional, engaging, and well-written. She collaborates well with others on the team. She is one of the most organized people that I have worked with and can quickly locate anything that you ask her to find. Brighid is very consistent about meeting deadlines and follows through with projects that she is responsible for. She also gained experience in graphic design by taking the initiative to create images for Facebook. Her positive attitude, strong set of skills, dedication, and enthusiasm for her work make her a very valuable employee.
— Elizabeth D., Communication Coordinator at DC Ranch Community Council
Brighid has been a joy to work with—she not only brings fresh ideas to her team, but she has a refreshing personality that is both fun and professional. In her role, she has jumped in and taken control of the needed tasks, embracing the tr additional aspects, but also working to keep things relevant and new. Brighid has proven herself to be a go-to team member and I trust her advice implicitly.
— Tempe L., Senior Events Race Director and Roadrunner Sports


While teaching secondary English, I also managed the Arizona Conservatory School of Arts and Academics creative writing club (view the delightful image to the left). My classes and club raised enough money to send the young writers to 826 LA in Venice Beach where students wrote their own Create Your Own Adventure Story along with composing a teleplay. 

Learn what 826 LA had to say about the trip.



I have had the wonderful experience of working with Brighid for nearly 17 months. Through this time, I have watched Brighid assume an editorial position with responsibilities that were in disarray and lacking creativity, and experienced her turn the position into something vibrant and fresh. With her work on the community newspaper, “Ranch News,” she has freshened up articles to help expand partnerships and neighbor relations within the DC Ranch Community. Furthermore, her innovation and talent in social media helped make events such as the Tour de Scottsdale, Run for Ryan House, and DC Ranch Facebook page especially engaging.

Brighid has an innate way of writing and really pulling people into a story, and connecting with them. She will undoubtedly excel in any position that allows her to compose articles creatively, professionally, and use her skill, simply because it is her passion. She can capture an audience through any form of writing, whether it is humor, creative, informational, or simple article writing.

From a colleague standpoint, Brighid is always willing to help the greater team out. Even if it is a task that may be out of her comfort zone, she seizes the opportunity and accepts the challenge. Not only is she a reliable team member, but Brighid is also a consistent one. From stepping up to headline an important tast such as the annual report to smaller points such as organizing storytime, Brighid is very detail-oriented.

Personality-wise, Brighid is hilarious and sweet, which makes her pleasant to work with. The combination of all these things make Brighid a very well-rounded and intelligent candidate for any position withing the field she desires.
— Gabi E., Senior Events and Program Manager at the DC Ranch Community Council

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