Brighid Tomasik

An essayist and teacher with a penchant for the vulnerable and genuine.

Brighid Constable is probably binge-watching a 90s-based TV show streaming on Netflix as you read this. Over the past 10 years, this UA creative writing graduate has written for publications such as Hello Giggles, Arizona Foothills Magazine, Tucson Magazine, and has served as a managing and features editor of community newspapers and regional magazines based in Arizona. She now likes to call herself a “professional blogger,” but that’s just code for a corporate writer at an international health company where she interviews Olympic gold medalists and Other Important People (OIP). Either way, writing has and will always be her favorite.

Personal Essays

Non-fiction is the type of literature that I like to read -- whether on my Kindle or with a novel in my hand. It always has that sticky, tricky, up- or down-lifting way to make me feel the right way at the right moment with the right emotion.

And, that's why I like to write.

Whether pulling a Ventzilla (ranting about nothing), laughing about my literal "blonde" moment, or being honest about my neuroses, this is the place where you will find me in my writing at a few of my favorite daily go-to's on the web.

Quick Note: My maiden name is "Tomasik." Some stories are published with my married name "Constable." Because of the stories I share, I've decided to exclusively title my experiences with my maiden name: Brighid Tomasik. (So as not to confuse you!)

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