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Writing Experience

I'm not David Foster Wallace, but I did study creative writing at The University of Arizona like him... I graduated  from UA with my Bachelors in creative writing and minor in classics in 2007, and then completed my Masters in secondary English education from Arizona State Unversity in 2010. I've studied abroad in Cork, Ireland and researched the Irish language and literature at the University of College Cork.

After graduating UA at 22, I was hired as the youngest features editor of Arizona Foothills and Tucson Magazine.  After writing for those magazines, I transitioned to community newspaper working as publication and communication coordinators for The Moon Valley Tattler and Ranch News

In between my path in publication, I led the early education program at the City of Tempe while working on my graduate degree. After receiving my M.Ed in 2010, I moved to Seattle and taught there shortly before moving back to Phoenix serving as a middle school and high school English teacher at Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics. There, I taught grades 7 and 8, and then moved on to teach sophomore, junior, and senior English while simultaneously leading the Middle School Creative Writing Club and school yearbook club.

After teaching, I returned to publication at DC Ranch and helped plan events such as Run for Ryan House and Tour de Scottsdale. My main purpose in the team was to oversee the community newsletter and restructure social media, but I also created other print collateral such as mailers, web content, and annual reports within my team.

I transitioned into corporate communications composing articles for corporate magazines, blog posts for the corporate blog, and temporarily supervised social media during a period during a lull in that department. My main focus in corporate writing includes honing in on success stories such as athlete profiles, personal success profiles, weight-loss stories, and business profiles of Isagenix Associates.

Today, I am a humanities teacher focusing on Cambridge-style theatre and journalism/yearbook at ASU Preparatory Academy in downtown Phoenix. I am most importantly a mother to a lovely little Pisces (that means intuitive and creative) toddler Brynn and wife to a wonderful, video-game loving Welshman.

In my spare time, I’m a regular contributor at North Phoenix Moms Blog and a monthly columnist for The Moon Valley Tattler (called “Rookie Mom), attempting to share the oftentimes inverted and weird, yet genuine stories with others. 

Hey, maybe I'll be a Frank McCourt someday. Yet a quirky, female American Frank McCourt who hopefully won't hog her sideways life stories until the tail end. 

Please email me if you have any questions.

Cheers, Brighid